Merry Christmas from Moondance Boutique

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Outfit: PiNK CHERRY::.: Evening Gown “Felicitas” in White

Jewelry: Moondance Boutique: Serenity Set


Eyeshadows: and Glamorize: Brilliance Eye Makeup in Silver Spring

LunA: Urban in 4

Eyelashes:  Mon Chéri: “Falsies” in 1

Celebrating a holiday surprise with VERO MODERO

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I partake in two traditions on Christmas Day and that I would discuss one of them in that blog post and talk about the other, in the next one. Well, while I could still stick to my plan and cover the tradition that I haven’t yet, just recently, I was told that this year, we will be participating in a new activity on Christmas Day! While this fresh pastime may or may not become a tradition for Christmas Day, I decided to discuss it anyway, in hopes it will become one! So, what is this latest activity my family and I will be engaging in on this Christmas Day? Our neighbors are coming over for dinner! While this pastime might not be exciting for some and we certainly have hosted Christmas Day supper before in the past, we just haven’t done so in a long time, so we are excited in being able to do so this year! The following picture is of the look I would wear to this year’s Christmas Day dinner if I had the time, motivation and piece this ensemble together.


Happy Holidays again and enjoy!




Outfit: VERO MODERO: Vintage Dress in Cream

Eyelashes:  Mon Chéri: “Falsies” in 1



Relaxing for the holidays with VERO MODERO

Every person and family on this Earth has different traditions that they observe on holidays. The two traditions that I take part in on Christmas Day are opening gifts with my family (more on that in the next blog post) and spending time on Second Life. Why do I spend time online on a holiday, you ask? Simply put, I believe people should do something that they enjoy doing everyday, especially on a  holiday. For me, Second Life goes beyond a fun activity, it has become my doorway to the World essentially. You see, I am severely disabled and have not had the opportunity, as of yet, to travel outside of my own country. So with that said, I can’t think of a better situation of one getting to spend the holidays with thousands of individuals, even if many of those people can only be spoken to from a computer. I’m now about to show you a look that I’d wear on Christmas Day, if I wasn’t too lazy to put on something other than a clean nightgown.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!



Outfit with headphones and hat: VERO MODERO: Keep Calm Set(a bracelet is included with this collection as well)


Footwear: LAVIAN&CO: REGIN in 1

Eyelashes:  Mon Chéri: “Falsies” in 1